The Board of Canyon County Commissioners typically holds open session meetings daily in their meeting room of the first floor of the County Courthouse at 1115 Albany Street, Caldwell, Idaho. Some meetings can be attended remotely, with public participation offered through WebEx online or by telephone. Executive Sessions (closed meetings) may be held pursuant to Idaho Code 74-206 as needed during regular scheduled meetings, with the purpose of such sessions and authority to close the meeting announced at that time. Times are advisory.

Start: 4/19/2021 12:00:00 AM
End: 4/19/2021 11:59:59 PM
No. Events: 5
<April 2021>
    Agenda for Monday, April 19, 2021      Online WebEx Public Agenda or Call: 1-844-992-4726

Event IDStart TimeEnd TimeEvent
2 08:00 AM  05:00 PM  Ministerial and Administrative acts, including but not limited to:
The Board may address a variety of routine matters involving the implementation of previously noticed final decisions or in preliminary anticipation of final decisions not yet made. Such matters may include, but are not limited to, approving Commissioners Term Proceedings and Synopses, Key Requests, Salary Rate Requests, other Personnel forms, certain Purchase Orders or Claims for Payment, Alcohol Licenses, Catering Permits, certain administrative Indigent Matters, and non-binding or otherwise ministerial correspondence.
  • Public participation, if required by law or requested by the Board, is available in-person
  • In-person attendance will adhere to the Governor's guidelines
  • Case materials for land use hearings are available on the homepage under "Land Use Hearings" at the top of the page; to offer comments on land use hearings please email

9878 08:30 AM  09:00 AM  Meeting with Commissioners' office staff to review upcoming calendar events

9879 09:30 AM  10:00 AM  Monthly meeting with Fleet Director to discuss general issues, set policy and give direction

9880 03:30 PM  04:30 PM  Weekly meeting with the Director of Development Services to discuss general issues, set policy and give direction
  • Action item: Consider signing a resolution granting a refund to Charles and Scott Kido for a withdrawn rezone and comprehensive plan change
  • Action item: Consider signing a resolution granting a refund to Legends Mechanical for a withdrawn mechanical permit 
  • Action item: Consider signing a resolution to deny a refund to Kent Storer for a conditional rezone